Spacemaking in regenerative periodontal surgical procedures

  • cover image
  • 1. Initial situation: extended periodontal furcation defect on tooth 26 with marginal gingival recession
  • 2. Radiological initial situation of tooth 26: complex periodontal bone degradation in the furcation area and periapical of the mesiobuccal root
  • 3. Microsurgical access at the interproximal areas
  • 4. Treatment of the root surfaces with manual and ultrasound instruments in the area of the periodontal defect
  • 5. Conditioning of the cleaned root surfaces with PrefGel for two minutes
  • 6. Situation of the periodontal defect after conditioning of the root surface
  • 7. Wetting of the root surfaces with Emdogain, alternating with the insertion of the xenogenic bone replacement material OsteoBiol® <i>mp3</i>®
  • 8. Covering the defect with a OsteoBiol® <i>Lamina</i> fixed with resorbable pins
  • 9. Soft tissue covering by coronal flap displacement after de-epithelization of the interproximal areas
  • 10. Pre-op situation
  • 11. Post-op situation at 3 months
  • 12. X-ray check after 24 months: complete filling of the periodontal defect
  • 13. Post-op situation at 24 months
  • Clinical indication: periodontal regeneration
  • Products : Lamina, mp3
  • Authors : Dr. Gerd Körner
  • Information about patient: Male 53
  • Credits : Documentation provided by Dr. Gerd Körner
    Bielefeld, Germany
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