Precautions after surgery

  1. Some swelling is perfectly normal and should disappear within a few days. Use a cold ice-pack to improve symptoms.
  2. In case of pain, the dentist will prescribe the most appropriate analgesic.
  3. Use an anti-bacterial mouth rinse and avoid using the toothbrush on wound area for the first three weeks after surgery. After this period, you could use a tooth-brush with soft bristles. Do not use dental floss for at least 4 weeks from surgery.
  4. Avoid drinking coffee, alcohol and smoking cigarettes for the first 3 weeks after surgery, to prevent the risk of wound bleeding and to favor the healing without complications.
  5. Please note that tobacco smoking and insufficient oral hygiene can negatively influence the process of bone regeneration. After seven/ten days from surgery a visit will be necessary to evaluate the wound healing and to eventually remove sutures. A detailed calendar of follow-up visits will be scheduled according to the particular case. It is extremely important to attend all follow-up appointments.

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