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The unique technology developed by Tecnoss® preserves collagen and maintains the natural structure of hydroxyapatite, avoiding granule ceramisation, allowing to obtain the Dual-Phase OsteoBiol® bone substitutes.

In vitro studies(1) and histologies on rabbits(2) and humans(3) confirmed that OsteoBiol® collagenated biomaterials show chemotactic action on osteogenic cells.
Other in vitro studies demonstrated that OsteoBiol® collagenated biomaterials facilitate osteoblasts migration(1), promote cellular differentiation(4) into osteogenic cells, facilitate blood clot formation, and favor neo-angiogenesis(5).


Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and plays a key role in tissue healing. Several studies proved collagen to be a substrate for platelet aggregation(6), endothelial cell adhesion and neo-vascularization(5). The protein is also involved in facilitating bone marrow stem cell differentiation(7) and stimulating the bone regeneration process(8).

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