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Tecnoss s.r.l. is an innovative, globally active company that develops, produces and documents premium-quality xenogenic biomaterials by the brands Tecnoss® and OsteoBiol® .Its 20 years of research led to its patent-protected production process that ensures neutralization of antigenic components in order to achieve biocompatibility, while preserving the natural collagen matrix inside the biomaterial.Tecnoss® products comply with highest quality standards such as ISO 10993, ISO 13485 and 93/42/EEC.

Tecnoss® Dental

Tecnoss Dental s.r.l. is a marketing and export company, managing the international sales and marketing activities for the OsteoBiol® product line in the dental market worldwide. The first goals of Tecnoss® Dental is to develop and improve the clinical evidence of OsteoBiol® biomaterials by cooperating with several public and private research centers in various countries and to stimulate and sponsor educational activities in the field of bone and tissue regeneration. Tecnoss® Dental cooperates with specialized distributors based in over 60 nations to provide the best service to professionals who appreciate OsteoBiol® biomaterials as the most reliable choice for clinical success.

Our mission

"To produce a xenogenic bone substitute as similar as possible to autogenous bone"

Giuseppe Oliva MD , R&D Director, Tecnoss® S.r.l.


OsteoBiol® is the family of biomaterials produced by Tecnoss® for the dental and maxillo-facial surgeons.In each OsteoBiol® granule, besides its mineral phase, the Tecnoss® process retains the xenogenic collagen phase with its precious biological properties, making it biocompatible and ideal for grafting and augmentation purposes. Avoiding high process temperatures, the OsteoBiol® bone matrix avoids ceramization, maintaining a chemical composition extremely similar to autogenous bone, and therefore gradually resorbable and replaceable by newly formed bone.


The chemical structure of each OsteoBiol® dual-phase granule, its ideal porosity and collagen content, make it a valid scaffold and substrate for osteoblasts anchorage, proliferation and new bone apposition.


Autogenous bone is gradually replaced by newly formed bone: similarly, the OsteoBiol® bone matrix allows progressive osteoclastic resorption, with simultaneous new bone apposition.Cells receive nutrients from newly formed vessels, that are able to colonize adequately the grafted site.New bone grows in and around the OsteoBiol® granules, which are partially but significantly replaced by vital bone at re-entry time.


Dual-phase biomaterials are progressively resorbed by osteoclasts and replaced by new vital bone produced by osteoblasts, similarly to autogenous bone grafts. Both types of cells live thanks to blood supply, which is critical and essential for the success of any bone regeneration procedure.The progressive resorption of OsteoBiol® granules allows an adequate colonization of the grafting site by new vessels, and is therefore a positive and significant factor within the regenerative process.


Collagen favours MSC differentiation and enhances osteoblasts proliferation: it is considered as the ideal substrate for bone forming cells. OsteoBiol® dual-phase particulate bone substitutes contain approximately 22% collagen.Furthermore, collagen gel mixed with dual-phase collagenated granules packed in syringes improves the handling and the stability of the graft, reducing also operatory time and risk of contamination.


OsteoBiol® is not only a marvellous collagenated bone matrix: it is a complete family of biomaterials specifically designed for bone and soft tissue augmentation in dentistry. For every clinical indication a dedicated product has been developed, with the goal of providing the best handling, the ideal granulometry and consistency, and finally optimal regenerative results in adequate re-entry time. Enjoy one of the widest and most complete product ranges, with the security and support of 15 years of clinical research: you will experience that today it is finally possible to achieve predictable clinical success without the availability limitations of autogenous bone.


Combining the best skills and the best materials, within the limits and guidelines provided by scientific evidence, is the key for clinical success: however let us all remember that the patients are and will always be the center of all our attentions.Meeting their expectations, helping them to recover function and aesthetics with long term success is the greatest reward for any surgeon and fulfillment of our company mission.

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