Horizontal augmentation with Apatos and Derma

  • cover image
  • 1. Initial defect
  • 2. Evidence of cystic tissue
  • 3. After removing the cysts, the horizontal defect with the loss of the vestibular cortical plate is evident
  • 4. In the second quadrant a canine is included
  • 5. Defects in the second quadrant resulting after the extraction of the canine; loss of the palatal cortical plate
  • 6. Bone regeneration with OsteoBiol® Apatos and Derma
  • 7. Healing of the soft tissue at 1 month; significant volume augmentation
  • 8. Re-entry at 8 months for implant placement; horizontal gain of the crest is complete
  • 9. Tissue modification of both soft and hard tissues; perfect peri-implant stability
  • Clinical indication: horizontal augmentation
  • Products : Apatos, Derma
  • Authors : Prof. Antonio Murillo Rodríguez
  • Information about patient: Male
  • Credits : Documentation provided by Prof. Antonio Murillo Rodríguez
    Professor at University Alfonso X, Eibar, Spain
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