Bone regeneration after ridge splitting and immediate implant-prosthetic placement

  • cover image
  • 1. Initial TC that shows anterior bone resorption
  • 2. Initial intraoral image showing the tissue deficit in the crown-apical sense
  • 3. Initial occlusal image showing the tissue deficit in the buccal-lingual sense
  • 4. Intraoperative image showing bone resorption
  • 5. Intraoperative image of anterior bone ridge splitting
  • 6. Intraoperative image after placement of the fixtures in zones 1.2, 1.1, 2.1 and 2.2
  • 7. Intraoperative image showing buccal bone defects grafted with OsteoBiol® Gen-Os and Putty mix
  • 8. OsteoBiol Evolution membrane properly shaped in place for bone regeneration covering and protection
  • 9. Implant abutments immediate placement and flap suture
  • 10. Provisional crowns in place after 15 days from bone regeneration surgery
  • 11. Intraoperative occlusal image with provisional crowns in place: it is possible to appreciate the buccal bone augmentation
  • 12. After 6 months, a connective tissue graft is needed
  • 13. Intraoperative image showing the new bone regenerated ridge with abutments in place (re-entry after 6 months)
  • 14. Intraoperative image showing the integration of OsteoBiol® Gen-Os and Putty mix with regenerated bone
  • 15. Histology EE 200x on biopsy in the site of bone regeneration surgery: diagnosis of trabecular bone fragment, which is 80 % woven bone type and 20 % lamellar bone
  • 16. Connective tissue grafts after harvesting
  • 17. Intraoperative image of second surgery showing connective tissue graft in place
  • 18. Connective tissue was placed under buccal flap
  • 19. The alveolar crest was further augmented in buccal sense by grafting OsteoBiol® Putty
  • 20. OsteoBiol® Special membrane properly shaped was placed as a protection for the grafting material
  • 21. Flap suture and immediate placement of provisional crowns
  • 22. Zirconium abutments screwed into internal connection implants
  • 23. Definitive ceramic crowns: prosthetic loading
  • 24. Control x-ray OPT image
  • Clinical indication: horizontal augmentation
  • Products : Evolution, Gen-Os, Putty, Special
  • Authors : Prof. José Luis Calvo Guirado
  • Information about patient: Female 23
  • Credits : Documentation provided by Prof. José Luis Calvo Guirado
    Professor at University of Murcia (Spain)
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