Lateral augmentation: self containing area

  • cover image
  • 1. 53 year old female patient presenting with failing
  • 2. Exposure of the area showing resorption around implant and 2nd premolar
  • 3. Showing defect after removal of implant and premolar
  • 4. Defect filled with Gen-Os graft mixed with Gel 0
  • 5. Area covered by an Evolution membrane
  • 6. Re-entery after 6 months showing good regereration of the defect
  • 7. Biopsy taken from one implant site showing viable bone tissue
  • 8. Histological section of decalcified specimen showing a  mixture of new bone, loose connective tissue and Gen-Os particles
  • 9. Close up showing new bone formation and subsequent resorption of a Gen-Os particle
  • 10. Occlusal view of final construction before filling of screw holes
  • 11. Buccal view of final construction
  • 12. Radiograph of final construction
  • Clinical indication: horizontal augmentation
  • Products : Evolution, Gen-Os
  • Authors : Dr. P. Andersson, Dr. D. Verrocchi, Dr. R. Viinamaki, Prof. L. Sennerby
  • Information about patient: Male 53
  • Credits : Documentation provided by Drs P. Andersson, D. Verrocchi, R. Viinamäki and L. Sennerby . Private practitioners in Fiera di Primiero, Italy - E-mail: [email protected]Histology provided by Prof. Ulf Nannmark, Dept Anatomy and Cell Biology, Göteborg University, Sweden.
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