Post-extractive immediate implant in the esthetic zone with modification of the gingival biotype with Derma membrane

  • cover image
  • 1. Initial situation. The patient has a vertical fracture on 2.2
  • 2. After the atraumatic extraction of the tooth, an osteotomy for the 3D positioning of the implant is made. The size of the Derma membrane is verified, in order to correct the soft tissue defects
  • 3. After a proper hydration, Derma is positioned, partially inside the site, as a substitute of the connective tissue
  • 4. The alveolus is filled with Putty. It is possible to observe the mucogingival correction made with Derma
  • 5. Cicatrization of the emergency profile after 7 days. There are no signs of post-surgical complications
  • 6. After 15 days
  • 7. Peri-implant stability, 6 months after the prosthodontic finalization of the case
  • Clinical indication: periodontal regeneration
  • Products : Derma, Putty
  • Authors : Prof. Antonio Murillo Rodríguez
  • Information about patient: Female 60
  • Credits : Documentation provided by Prof. Antonio Murillo Rodríguez
    Professor at University Alfonso X, Eibar, Spain
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