Multi Layer Technique

  • cover image
  • 1. Patient received a longlasting orthodontic treatment resulting in vertical gingival and incisal discrepancy and increased tooth mobility of #12, #11, #21 and #22 caused by excessive root resorption
  • 2. Final treatment outcome after extraction of tooth #21, and #22 and implant placement, immediate restoration and site development according to the MLT. New full ceramic crowns from #11 - #22
  • 3.  X-Ray before treatment displays extended root resorption of all front teeth
  • 4. X-ray of the 2 implants: #21 and #22. Note the harmonious hard tissue architecture
  • 5. Frontal view immediately before removing the sutures 10 days after surgery
  • 6. Immediate implant placement and reconstruction of the hard and soft tissue components. Ideal site development of hard and soft tissue around the implants
  • 7. Frontal view after 3 months before final restoration
  • Clinical indication: horizontal augmentation
  • Products : Lamina, mp3®
  • Authors : Prof. Dr. Hannes Wachtel, Dr. Paul Schuh
  • Information about patient: Female, 54 years old
  • Credits : Prof. Dr. Hannes Wachtel, Dr. Paul Schuh, Private Institute for Periodontology and Implantology, Munich, Germany
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