Regeneration of implant fenestration

  • cover image
  • 1. Missing 2.4 for more than 15 years causing lateral bone resorption.
  • 2. Pre-operative x-ray: first bur in place to control correct positioning.
  • 3. Apical fenestration of the one piece all-ceramic implant to achieve perfect orientation of the abutment.
  • 4. Fenestration defect grafted with OsteoBiol Putty.
  • 5. OsteoBiol Putty shaped into the anatomic defect.
  • 6. It is not necessary to cover the grafting site with a membrane.
  • 7. Positioning of the soft tissues before suture.
  • 8. X-ray after suture to verify the correct positioning of the implant and the outcome of the surgery.
  • 9. Two month after surgery: temporary crown splinted with natural 2.3 and temporary crown on 2.5.
  • 10. Four month after surgery: removal of the temporary bridgework to check the correct osteointegration of the zirconia implant before placing the final crowns.
  • 11. Four month after surgery: two individual zirconia crowns placed the same day; papilla not yet adapted to the new situation.
  • 12. Final x-ray to verify positioning of the final restoration.
  • Clinical indication: dehiscences and fenestrations
  • Products : Putty
  • Authors : Dr. Bernd Siewert
  • Information about patient: Male 45
  • Credits : Documentation provided by Dr. Bernd Siewert
    Private practitioner at Clinica Somosaguas, Madrid, Spain, Tel. 34 917 114 265, Email: [email protected]
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