Interpositional block bone graft technique in the rehabilitation of an atrophic posterior mandible

  • cover image
  • 1. Pre-operative clinical image of an atrophic posterior right mandible
  • 2. Pre-operative x-ray of the atrophic posterior right mandible
  • 3. CT cross section revealing the vertical crestal atrophy
  •  4. After performing a paracrestal incision in the buccal aspect, a flap was carefully elevated
  • 5. Horizontal and vertical osteotomy lines
  • 6. The osteotomized segment was raised coronally
  • 7. The cancellous block was placed in the obtained space
  • 8.  A resorbable membrane was applied on the vestibular surgical side
  • 9. Clinical image of the re-entry surgery before implants positioning after 3 months
  • 10. Implant tunnel preparations in the regenerated bone
  • 11. Implants placed during the re-entry surgery
  • 12. X-ray after implant positioning
  • 13. Clinical image of the definitive prosthesis after 1 year
  • 14. X-ray with definitive proshtesis after 3 years
  • 15. X-ray with definitive proshtesis after 5 years
  • Clinical indication: vertical augmentation
  • Products : Evolution, Sp-Block
  • Authors : Prof. Pietro Felice, Dr. Carlo Barausse, Prof. Maurizio Piattelli
  • Information about patient: Female, 70 years old
  • Credits : Documentation provided by Prof. Pietro Felice, Dr. Carlo Barausse, (University of Bologna, Italy) and Prof. Maurizio Piattelli (University of Chieti, Italy)
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