Severe crestal atrophy rehabilitated with maxillary sinus lift

  • cover image
  • 1. Pre-operative endoral x-ray showing a severe crestal atrophy and a wide pneumatization of maxillary sinus
  • 2. Initial intraoral image: view of bone defect in coronal-apical sense
  • 3. View of bone defect in buccal-lingual sense
  • 4. The residual crest thickness of 2 mm only prevented lateral access sinus lift procedure. A window crestal approach was chosen. Image showing the sinus membrane dissection
  • 5. Intra-operative image showing the defect filled with OsteoBiol® <i>mp3®</i>
  • 6. The grafted biomaterial was perfectly stabilized with blood clot
  • 7. The graft was covered and protected with a properly shaped OsteoBiol® <i>Evolution</i> membrane
  • 8. Flap suture
  • 9. Control endoral x-ray immediately after surgery: it is possible to appreciate a bone defect filling of 11 mm
  • 10. Intraoral image after 6 months from grafting
  • 11. Coronal-apical view showing the good rehabilitation of crestal bone defect
  • 12. Final endoral x-ray
  • Clinical indication: crestal access sinus lift
  • Products : Evolution, mp3®
  • Authors : Dr. Roberto Rossi, Dr. Regina Isabel Santos-Morales
  • Information about patient: Female, 70 years old
  • Credits : Documentation provided by Dr. Roberto Rossi,
    Private practitioner in Genova (Italy)
    Dr. Regina Isabel Santos-Morales, Practitioner in Makati City (Philippines)
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