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  • Physical form :
    LV phase at <8°C
    Gel viscosity at >13°C
  • Composition :
    - Heterologous type I and III collagen gel
    - Thermogelling synthetic biocompatible copolymer
  • Packaging :
    Syringe: 0.5 cc, 1.0 cc
    Available only in combination with OsteoBiol® Gen-Os® 0.5 g or 1.0 g
  • Product codes :
    TSV005S | 1 Syringe | 0.5 cc | Porcine
    TSV005E | 1 Syringe | 0.5 cc | Equine
    TSV010S | 1 Syringe | 1.0 cc | Porcine
    TSV010E | 1 Syringe | 1.0 cc | Equine
  • GMDN code : 46425
The purpose of this product is to provide mechanical stability to bone substitutes and barrier membranes.
OsteoBiol® TSV Gel is sterilized by Gamma irradiation and is radiotransparent.
It contains heterologous type I and III collagen gel with polyunsaturated fat acids diluted in aqueous solution containing a biocompatible synthetic copolymer that gives OsteoBiol® TSV Gel thermo-reversible and thermo-gelling properties. At low temperature (4°C) the gel is relatively flowable and easy to mix and manipulate with graft but becomes more viscous when in situ and exposed to body temperature.

OsteoBiol® TSV Gel gelification kinetics:
The graph shows the effect of temperature change on 3 OsteoBiol® TSV Gel samples.
As temperature increases from 0°C (1°C/min), the viscosity of the gel reaches its minimum at 4°C. It then increases rapidly until it plateaus at 13°C. At room and body temperature OsteoBiol® TSV Gel is gel-like. It does not harden but keeps a soft consistency that allows the mixture with Gen-Os® granules. Thanks to the hydrophilic properties of Gen-Os®, the mixture becomes a sticky, stable conglomerate that can easily be placed in the defect site. OsteoBiol® TSV Gel is biocompatible and rapidly resorbed.
OsteoBiol® TSV Gel must be refrigerated for at least 20 minutes at 4°C before use, in order to reach the low viscosity (LV) phase, which makes it easier to mix with OsteoBiol® Gen-Os® or to apply on OsteoBiol® membranes.
At room temperature, the product remains at LV phase for few minutes, whereas once in situ its viscosity quickly increases with body temperature. OsteoBiol® TSV Gel in LV phase can be used instead of saline for hydrating and mixing with OsteoBiol® Gen-Os®. The result will be a sticky mixture easy to place and extremely stable once in situ.
OsteoBiol® TSV Gel can also be applied to the rough side of the OsteoBiol® Evolution membrane to stabilize it during graft covering and whilst suturing.
Clinical indications
OsteoBiol® TSV Gel can be used in GBR procedures together with OsteoBiol® bone substitutes and membranes to enhance graft stability. The viscosity reached by OsteoBiol® TSV Gel at body temperature improves significantly the stability of Gen-Os® granules and it is particularly beneficial in cases where there is little bony support around the defect i.e. lateral augmentation, sockets with a compromised buccal wall, dehiscences and periodontal two and one wall defects.
Additionally the viscosity of OsteoBiol® TSV Gel improves the stability and handling of Evolution membranes, particularly during the delicate phase of flap closure. OsteoBiol® TSV Gel can also be used as a cicatrizing agent for the treatment of cutaneous and mucosal lesions.
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