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Case Reports
  • Tissue origin :
    Heterologous cortico-cancellous bone mix
  • Tissue collagen :
  • Physical form :
    Pre-hydrated granules and OsteoBiol® TSV Gel
  • Composition :
    ~ 80% granulated mix
    ~ 20% OsteoBiol® TSV Gel
  • Granulometry :
    600-1000 µm
  • Re-entry time :
    About 5 months
  • Packaging :
    Syringe: 0.5 cc, 2.0 cc
  • Product codes :
    MU0005S | 1 Syringe | 0.5 cc | Porcine
    MU0005E | 1 Syringe | 0.5 cc | Equine
    MU0020S | 1 Wide tip syringe | 2.0 cc | Porcine
    MU0020E | 1 Wide tip syringe | 2.0 cc | Equine
  • GMDN code : 46425
OsteoBiol® GTO® is a bone grafting material of heterologous origin. It is a mix of collagenated cortico-cancellous granules with a granulometry ranging from 600 to 1000 µm, properly mixed with OsteoBiol® TSV Gel, which is a mixture of heterologous type I and III collagen gel with polyunsaturated fat acids and a biocompatible synthetic copolymer diluted in aqueous solution.
OsteoBiol® GTO® is gradually resorbed and is extremely osteoconductive. Moreover, the granules’ preserved collagen matrix facilitates blood clotting and the subsequent invasion of repairing and regenerative cells. These unique properties allow an excellent rate of new bone formation, delivering adequate graft volume preservation, a healthy new bony tissue and ultimately, a successful implant rehabilitation.
Available in two sizes (0.5 and 2.0 cc), OsteoBiol® GTO® is a ready-to-use pre-hydrated biomaterial and can be easily grafted to the defect site, directly injected from
the sterile syringe. In this way, clinicians can skip the hydration phase with saline or blood, saving time and decreasing the risk of accidental exposure to pathogens.
The presence of OsteoBiol® TSV Gel ensures the optimal stickiness of the material, which is also easily adaptable to the recipient site and extremely stable.
Clinical indications
OsteoBiol® GTO® has been conceived as a universal biomaterial, easily adaptable to any bone defect, in association with OsteoBiol® Evolution membranes or OsteoBiol® Lamina to protect the graft. Nonetheless, thanks to its stickiness, it is particularly indicated for horizontal augmentation procedures (e.g. two-walls defects, when the crest is resorbed) and for socket preservation cases with compromised buccal plate. During sinus lifting, OsteoBiol® GTO® can be directly applied through the bony window, helping the stabilization of implants in case of immediate placement. OsteoBiol® GTO® can also be successfully used to treat peri-implant lesions and severe intrabony defects.
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