• Dual-Block
  • Dual-Block
  • Dual-Block
Case Reports
  • Tissue origin :
    Heterologous cortico-cancellous block
  • Tissue collagen :
  • Physical form :
    Rigid dried block
  • Composition :
    100% cortico-cancellous bone
  • Re-entry time :
    About 8 months
  • Packaging :
    20x15x5 mm, 20x10x5 mm
  • Product codes :
    STN5S | 1 Blister | 20x10x5 mm | Porcine
  • GMDN code : 46425
Dual-Block supports new bone formation due to its extremely osteoconductive surface: thanks to its rigid consistency the block is able to mantain in time the original graft volume, which is particularly important in case of large regenerations.
Moreover the collagen content facilitates blood clotting and the subsequent invasion of regenerative and repairing cells, favoring restitutio ad integrum of missing bone.
Dual-Block must be hydrated before use with sterile lukewarm physiological solution or with antibiotics (5/10 minutes for Soft version; up to 40 minutes for Norm version). Afterwards, it can be adapted to the receiving site which must be accurately decorticated in order to guarantee maximum contact; the block should always be fixed with osteosynthesis microscrews and protected with a resorbable barrier (Evolution membrane).
Clinical information
Dual-Block is indicated for heavily reabsorbed maxilla horizontal augmentation. Whatever is the applied technique, it is recommended to fill the gaps around the block with a biomaterial in granules to achieve the desired volume and contour of the augmented recipient site.
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